Good behaviour

ZunTzu doesn't enforce turn-based play. Players should agree on a code of good conduct to avoid the chaos of having everyone scroll, zoom, and move counters around at the same time. For instance, players should drop their mouse, sit back and watch when it's not their turns.

Scroll cursor
Use the left mouse button to pan and scroll.

Changing the view

All players share the same point of view on the game. That point of view can be changed by scrolling, zooming or viewing another board.

Panning and scrolling

Sometimes a game board is so large it can't be displayed entirely on the screen. To pan and scroll, press and hold down the left mouse button, then move the mouse in any direction.

Zoom cursor
Use the right mouse button to zoom.


To zoom in or out, press and hold down the right mouse button, then move the mouse up or down.

Viewing another board

A game box usually involves two boards: the main game board, and the counter sheet. You can switch the view from board to board by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the screen, or by hitting Ctrl+Tab.

Casting dice
How many dice would you like to cast? One... Two... Three.

Casting the dice

Game boxes can include several sets of dice. Dice from the same set can be cast together.

When you hover your mouse cursor over a die, that die and the dice to its left are shown enlarged. Double-click with the left button to cast the enlarged dice.

Drag-and-drop counters
Move counters using drag-and-drop.

Handling counters

ZunTzu doesn't enforce game rules, so it is up to you to make legal moves. You can always cancel your last move by clicking on the Undo icon in the right bottom corner of the screen or by hitting Ctrl+Z.

Moving counters

Use drag-and-drop to move counters around the board: click on a counter by pressing and holding down the left mouse button, then drag it to a different location.

Punching counters

Some game boxes include a board that is used as a counter sheet. You can detach unpunched counters from the counter sheet by drag-and-drop.

Unlike in real life, you can re-attach a loose counter by moving the mouse cursor over the counter and then hitting Del. It's a great way to keep your markers organized!

You can also unpunch a loose counter by dragging-and-dropping it over the counter sheet tab.

Flip counters
Right double-click a counter to flip it.

Moving counters from board to board

To move a counter to another board, drag the counter over the tab of the destination board. The display will switch to the destination board.

Flipping counters

To flip a counter to the other side, move the mouse cursor over the counter and then double-click with the right button.

If the board being displayed is a two-sided counter sheet, you can flip the whole counter sheet by double-clicking an empty location with the right button.

Rotate counters
Use the mouse wheel to rotate a counter.

Rotating counters

To change the orientation of a counter, move the mouse cursor over the counter, then turn the mouse wheel.