Private hand
You can keep you markers in your private hand.
1 - The hand will hide automatically unless pinned.
2 - Zoom the content of the hand with the right mouse button.
3 - Show or hide the hand with this icon.

Using the private hand

With ZunTzu, all players get to see the same things, so a special mechanism is required to allow hidden placement.

The private hand is a panel where you can store and inspect counters out of sight of the other players. It makes hidden placement possible and can also be used as a convenient marker tray.

Showing the hand

To extend the hand click on the hand icon in the right bottom corner of the screen. Note that the other players won't be able to see it.

The hand will retract by itself when you move the mouse cursor over the board unless it is pinned. Pin the hand by clicking on the pin icon in the right top corner of the hand.

You can resize the hand by clicking on the separator bar on top of the hand, and dragging it upwards or downwards.

Hand count
The number of counters in your hand is for all to see next to your player name.

Moving counters into the hand

To move a counter or a stack of counters into the hand, just drag them from the board over the tabs area. The hand will pop up. Drop the counters over the hand.

The number of counters in your hand is visible to all players. It is displayed next to your name on the left edge of the screen.

You can move a counter back from the hand to the board by drag and drop.

Moving, flipping or rotating a counter in the hand

You can reorder the counters in the hand by dragging and dropping them to their new positions. You can flip or rotate a counter just like you would if it was on the board.

If the hand becomes too crowded, use the right mouse button to zoom out.

Keeping your hand between game sessions

The content of the player's hands is saved with the game so the players can keep their hands between game sessions.

If a player stops attending the game, the content of his hand will be lost for this game. Make unreliable players empty their pockets before leaving the game table!

Drawing counters at random

To emulate the random picking of counters from a cup, organize all your counters faces down into a single stack, then double click on the stack to open the stack inspector and shuffle the stack with the "Shuffle" function (indicated by this icon Shuffle). Each time you need to draw a counter, remove the counter at the top of the stack and reveal it.

You now know how to use ZunTzu!