Getting started with ZunTzu last updated 2007-03-21

This article explains how to use ZunTzu.

Screen layout
A game in progress.
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Screen layout

ZunTzu is designed to work as a virtual game table. Just like with your usual table, you can push counters around the board and cast dice while arguing about the rules with your friends. Unlike with your usual table, you won't have to worry about your cat eating Napoléon Bonaparte anymore.

The image on the right shows the screen layout for a typical game.

1 - Double-click to cast the dice
2 - Click this icon to show the menu
3 - The players
4 - The stack inspector (hidden when not in use)
5 - Mouse cursors show what the other players are doing
6 - Click these tabs to show other boards
7 - Undo/redo buttons

The first thing you need to learn is how to launch ZunTzu and load a game box.

Checking for updates
ZunTzu checks for updates on startup.

Launching ZunTzu

When ZunTzu is installed on your computer, a new ZunTzu link is created in your Start menu. You can use this link to launch ZunTzu.

Each time ZunTzu is launched, the first thing it does is check if a new update is available from the Internet. If an update is found, it is automatically downloaded. This ensures that you and your friends are always running the latest version of ZunTzu.

Many functions are accessible through ZunTzu's menu. The menu can be invoked by hitting the Esc key.

Game Library
The Game Library.

Using the Game Library

The Game Library is a list maintained by ZunTzu of all available game box files on your computer.

When you launch ZunTzu for the first time the Game Library is empty. The first thing to do is to add game boxes to the Library.

Adding a game box to the Library

You should keep all your game box files in the same folder, such as My Documents\ZunTzu Library.

Before you can use a game box file for the first time, you need to tell ZunTzu to add the file to the Game Library.

Access ZunTzu's menu by hitting the Esc key, then go to the File sub-menu, then click the Browse Library menu item. Click the Add button and indicate the location of your game box file. A new entry should appear in the Game Library content list. Select that entry and click Open to start to play.

Built-in scenarios
Selecting a scenario.

Selecting a scenario

Some game boxes include built-in scenarios. They are variants, using different boards or a different initial placement for the counters. You can select the scenario to use by going to the File sub-menu and then clicking the Open Scenario menu item.

A scenario can also come as a standalone .zts file. You can load such a file through the Open File menu item in the File sub-menu.

Saving games

You can save a game in progress through the Save and Save As menu items in the File sub-menu. The saved game will appear as a .ztg file on your hard disk.

You can restore a saved game through the Open File menu item.

If you try to restore a saved game for a game box that is not in your Game Library, ZunTzu will display an error message.