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by pmigli
18 Feb 2023, 13:52
Forum: Game boxes
Topic: Invasão da Polônia 1939 gamebox
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Invasão da Polônia 1939 gamebox

Greetings, felow Zuntzuers.
The BGG entry for Invasão da Polônia is there already, at ... da-polonia.
The files section includes the original Brazilian Portuguese rules and a translation to English.
And, speaking of Brazil, bom Carnaval a todos.
by pmigli
03 Feb 2023, 22:21
Forum: Game boxes
Topic: Casus Belli's 1940 credits
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Casus Belli's 1940 credits

Greetings, fellow Zuntzu-ers. The credits for the Casus Belli version of 1940 are attached. There is no attribution of a French artist (Rich Banner gets the credit). Also, the game was part of Casus Belli magazine #46 and not #36. Have a nice weekend. P. PS Oops, my bad: you'r...
by pmigli
24 Jan 2023, 20:07
Forum: Game boxes
Topic: Bitter End and Defiant Holland downloads not working
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Bitter End and Defiant Holland downloads not working

Greetings, my fellow ZunTzu-ers. I have tried to download both of those modules today (January 24) and got the following: 404 Not Found The requested URL /gameboxes/001Incoming/Bitter%20End.ztb does not exist. © 2006-2012 ZunTzu Software. All rights reserved. 404 Not Found The requested URL /gamebox...
by pmigli
23 Jul 2022, 14:22
Forum: Game boxes
Topic: Campaigns of Marlborough Credits
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Campaigns of Marlborough Credits

Hi again.
Credit section from The Wargamer #61.
by pmigli
21 Jul 2022, 23:32
Forum: Boîtes de jeu
Topic: La Patrie en Danger
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La Patrie en Danger

Merci de m'avoir admis.
J'ai vérifié ma collection Casus Belli et le crédit d'artiste pour La Patrie en Danger appartient à Didier Guiserix.
A bientôt.