GDW Avalanche - I need help!!

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GDW Avalanche - I need help!!

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GDW is my focus, I am a GDW guy.

In 1976, GDW produced a game called "Avalanche: The Salerno Landings." An early game on the subject, and probably the first at the company level. As such, this game designed by the famous Frank Chadwick, is truly historical in our hobby!

However, I am having problems setting up my ZTB. Recurring problems with the OOB or counter-set, has stymied my completion of this ZTB.
I have checked for errata on "" and other on-line sources, and I can't find OOB/Counter errata. Board-Game-Geek [ ... o-landings ] has also proven unhelpful. Can ZT Forums help me?

I do want to save Mr. Chadwick's design into the future. Can anyone help? Have you played this game? Any advice?

I'll post here and on BGG on specific OOB questions - - R. Peterson :oops:
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