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Post by Harkaman »

When first looking at the ZunTzu website, one of the first things you see is that it hasn't been updated since 2011. Then scrolling down the page in the update section it's the same.
As a regular to the site I know this is far from true. Maybe just add a few notifications to show some of the work you great folks are doing.
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Re: Update

Post by Uhlan »

All the pages have ancient dates up top, and I've been harping at this for a year now in emails, but it's never acknowledged or fixed.
Just take the date off entirely, and put an update date on the files!
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Re: Update

Post by Woody8297 »

I totally agree. They make the site look defunct...which is far from true. I know a lot of hard work is being done and this may not be a high priority but it's certainly a turn off to any new visitor to the site.

I would remove the dates entirely; they serve no function. They certainly aren't needed on the top of every page.

The Updates section should be removed or actually updated to reflect the current number of gameboxes offered.

And as long as we're at it, the Features section should be updated too. Currently ZunTzu has no Voice or Video Conferencing capability. "Limited Play by Email Capability" should be added.

Yeah, it's time to blow the dust off and wipe the cobwebs away.

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