This is what zuntzu 2.0 supposed to be - Tabletopia

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This is what zuntzu 2.0 supposed to be - Tabletopia

Post by Zwever »

There is a new kickstarter program: "tabletopia" and a looks very similar to zuntzu.
It looks like the improved 3d version of zuntzu and is shows what zuntzu could have been. ... oard-games

I regret that zuntzu is dead but tabletopia looks very promising and is ten times better
than the other kickstarter project
Tabletop simulator.

The best of all it is cross platform because it runs on unity in your browser.
If you have a windows pc you can try a demo of
Samurai DEMO
Terra Mystica DEMO
5 Seals of Magic DEMO

I liked zuntzu very much, but it looks like there is a new king in town.
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Post by heruca »

I don't think ZT2 was ever going to be a subscription-based offering, but I could be wrong.

Re: This is what zuntzu 2.0 supposed to be - Tabletopia

Post by Chobham_1980 »

Hi Tabeltopia (Zwever)! I have been looking for this older post! So good to have found your original wrting!

Like 'heruca' in September of 2015 - - ZT thinks, as of September 2022, that ZunZtu2 (ZT2) is still relevant in our hobby :D

Since <2018, ZT has never stopped development, just as [ ] has never stopped it's own development!

How can we work together to push our hobby forward? As you know: e-platform's like ours, need to share information - - in order to push our hobby into the future!

I look forward to working with ; please respond. . . Rich, ZT Upload Coordinator!
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Re: This is what zuntzu 2.0 supposed to be - Tabletopia

Post by Chobham_1980A »

Hi Sassa!

Tabeltopia is a purchase based site, because a player must purchase the e game application & some games. However, they do have over 2000+ games available! ZT has 729 games available . . .

But where ZT differs, is that we can do the same for free! We are a responsible e-platform site - - - see our expanding Publisher's Corner for what is allowed for Active Publishers and copy-right owners - and consider to send them your hard earned money.

ZT is committed to "Playing, Saving our gaming heritage!"

You made and excellent point :!: Would you be willing to make a ZT Box :?: And contribute, through work, your favorite game :!: :?: :!:

ZT is here and ready to serve . . .
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