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Lou Coatney - Game Designer

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Hi ZT Folk!

We are proud to introduce you to Mr. Lou Coatney 8) He is a master of wargame design :) -- see https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgamedesi ... ou-coatney

Mr. Coatney has never allowed an e-platform designs of his physical games or PnP games (see "Gazala Gallop (B&W)" on ZT Files). However, he has allowed ZT to produce games as an experiment :shock: In other words, none of his designs are in CB, Tabeletopia, TTS or Vassal (if you find one, contact me or him). See his PnP site for more information: https://www.coatneyhistory.com/ . . .

These are his experimental restrictions:

1) Contact Mr. Coatney before publishing on ZT - none of his PnP designs are in the public realm; they are copyrighted but allowed under some restrictions . . . see https://www.coatneyhistory.com/ for more information !

2) No rules are to be included in a ZTB - a link to his PnP site is needed to access rules . . . sounds fair to ZT Upload Team - and this will be enforced :!:

ZT Folk: Download "Gazala Gallop (B&W)" and go to his PnP site for the rules - - - and if you wish to produce a L. Coatney game; let me know or contact Mr. Coatney directly . . . Chobham1980A . . .
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