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Paul Rohrbaugh - Game Designer

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Hi ZT Folk!

We received a request from Mr. Rohrbaugh to delete his designs from on our site :( Based on rumors, his reasoning was because some of his designs were printed and sold via the net. As many should know: ZT will always delete any designs which offend a copy-right owner :idea: :!: :idea:

Should any Folk see any of his designs, being sold on the net - please report the seller! Just post on this thread - we will inform Mr. Rohrbaugh :!: :idea: :!:

We deleted 11 of his designs: A Thunder Upon the Land; Battles of Narva & Poltava / Blitzkrieg Checked / Blitzkrieg Stalled / Blitzkrieg Unleashed / Blood & Steel / Chennault's First Fight 2nd / Fatal Attraction, A / Master Stroke, A / No Middle Ground: The Golan Heights 1973 / Zhukov's First Victory

Folk: We did not receive a "Cease & Desist Order" from his lawyer. But rather a simple request from a Folk, whom inquired about HFDs [ ] e-platform policy.

ZT Folk: always inquire from active publishers - - we need their feedback . . . more to come :arrow:

PS In the meantime, ZT will suppress any designs by Paul Rohrbaugh - - - :mrgreen:
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