Can't load gameboxes by double clicking -- PROBLEM SOLVED

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Can't load gameboxes by double clicking -- PROBLEM SOLVED

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The issue: The installer for ZunTzu has placed an install file in the wrong directory, and it is exhibiting an error status when it can't find that file where it expects.
Solution: Move the file to the proper directory, and you can double-click your .ztb data files to launch ZunTzu as expected.

Here are the steps to fix this problem:
1) double-click on a .ztb file so you get an error dialog box (as if ZunTzu is about to send info back to Microsoft) "ZunTzu has encountered a problem and needs to close."
2) click the link in the dialog "What information is contained in this report?"
3) There is a wrapping line of text that describes the problem, it is in the form of:
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Game box file "C:\Users\<YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE>\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\AAAAAAAA.AAA\BBBBBBBB.BBB\zunt..tion_<STUFF>\default.ztb"
4) navigate to that directory with explorer (use the full path from the dialog, I have modified a lot of what mine looked like, especially <YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE>, AAAAAAA.AAA, BBBBBBBB.BBB and <STUFF> will be very different for you -- use that path exactly as you see it in the dialog.
5) navigate one directory UP, and look for a directory of the form "zuntzu.exe_<LOTS_OF_LETTERS_AND_DIGITS>", and navigate into that directory
6) Right-click on the file default.tzb, click Copy.
7) navigate up one directory, and back down into the first one you were viewing (starts with zunt..tion_)
8) Right-click and choose Paste
9) Close the error dialog (Click "Don't Send")
10) try double-clicking your .ztb file again.
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