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Publisher Corner - General Info.

Posted: 26 Nov 2021, 17:42
by Chobham_1980
Hi ZT Folk:

As many know, ZunZtu is way faster in producing ZTBs (ZunZtu game-boxes) than other e-platforms like JET/Cyber-board/Vassal/TTS/Tabeltopia etc..

Thus, a simple question: Would it be good to share experiences with both active/inactive publishers?.

Of course, such knowledge is important for net published ZTBs on our

Please respond, what is your experience? What do you think - is a thread which shares Publisher expectations helpful :?: :?:

Regards, ZT upload Team!

Re: Publisher Corner (PC) - - ZT Upload Team deliberations

Posted: 23 Jan 2022, 16:51
by Chobham_1980
Hi ZT Folk:

After much deliberation between ZT Upload Team & private messages from ZT members. It has been decided to continue this thread :!: :D

The main question concerned Active Publishers needs and how to 'set-the-volume' in dealing with both Active/Inactive Publisher needs . . . Eh, kind of complicated but easy with full transparency! Because for copy-right owners, their needs to be addressed by any e-platform like ZT :!:

Of course, ZT1 & ZT2 has always allowed Publishers a way to delete any offending ZTBs from our Files page. See for the statement. It is ZT2's policy to honor any such requests :mrgreen:

In order to balance our ZT Designer with Publisher/copy right owner needs, Jerome has made another major change on .
He has re-written ZT code to include 'blue-links'. His wonderful support is part of balancing ZT Designer needs and Publisher/copy-right holder's needs :!: :idea: :!:

Keep an eye on this thread; we will be sharing what we know on what specific Publishers will allow/disallow in regard to e-platform design - - Can you help us understand and openly comment on your personal experiences with Publishers/copy-right owners :?: :idea: :?: Post on this thread . . .

Regards, ZT Upload Team

PS In the month of January 2021: 6+ NEW ZTBs added to our library 8)

Re: Publisher Corner - General Info.

Posted: 01 May 2022, 16:03
by Chobham_1980
ZT Folk,

Are you wondering what you can Submit to ZT?

No worries. Jerome and the ZT upload Team have decided to host ALL ZT Designs. No need to worry about legal problems. You will never be directly attacked by a copy-right-owner (or Publisher).

Our site protects all ZTB designs and designers - this is our promise (to both Publishers & ZT Designers). If a copy-right owner requests a direct removal: It is our policy to remove based on their request! But, in the meantime, every ZTB hosted!

Now, after saying this: please watch this space. We will be sharing information on which Active Publishers allow and dis-allow in electronic games like ZTBs!

ZT is on the move in helping you feel secure . . .

Re: Publisher Corner - General Info.

Posted: 03 Aug 2022, 14:50
by Chobham_1980
Hi ZT Folk!

Just a reminder, please post any experiences when dealing with a Publishers. Ask questions :D

We will share any information, but let's plainly share ideas and help push our hobby into the future 8)

Can you be a part of this endeavor? Give active/inactive Publishers feedback - this is what ZT offers Publishers/for ZT Folk, it allows us to PLAY & conserve our gaming heritage.

Don't take this idea lightly. Where should we all move into the future: Player & Publisher alike? :?: :?: :?:

Here is your personal opportunity to make an impact towards all of our futures! Weigh in, on our forum :idea: :idea: :idea:

Regards, Rich, ZT Upload Coordinator