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Publisher Corner - ATO

Post by Chobham_1980 »

Hi ZT Folk!

“In general, Wargames are a niche market of all Board Games. Each separate E-platform for a wargame is even a smaller niche Market within the physical production world of Wargames." - 'Hegemon' of ATO/TPS. An excellent quote when understanding ZTB designs. Keep this in mind, even with when designing ZTBs with other Active Publishers!

We should all be in awe. Hegemon, of ATO/TPS has given us an insight on how to design ZTBs for upload to ZT2! If you are an ATO/TPS fan, then you have all needed to play over ZT-Net.

After saying this, what are ATO/TPS rules in web-publishing our ZTBs?

Here are the ATO/TPS rules:

1st: Rules are NOT to be included in any ZT design.
2nd: Charts are NOT to be included in any ZTB design (especially CRT)
3rd: ATO/TPS does not necessarily own the game design or artwork copyrights in practically all cases.
If you want to do your own thing when making your ZTB design, so long as you do not claim ownership over the original or seek to sell it or profit from it, you are free to do so. Please credit the designer/artist in your version (always done in every ZT2 hosted ZTB - ZT Upload Team).
4th: If you would like to have the official stamp of approval from ATO/TPS for your ZTB design, plus use the actual artwork from the game, write to and we'll get you the goodies (or tell you if the copyright owner is not willing to grant permission - then see 3. above).

Of course, ask to be hosted on the ATO site. Why not have your official design on two+ websites!

What does this mean for ZT2? The ZT2 upload team, will not allow any ZTBs to be hosted without fulfilling 1-4. Should you send a NEW ZTB submission, outside these rules; we will request relevant changes or make these changes on our own before HOSTING on ZT2.

Like all Active Publishers, ATO/TPS needs are to be respected because they are continuing to build newer games for our hobby!

Regards, ZT2 Upload Team

PS ATO/TPS, feel free to comment on this Forum.
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Re: Publisher Corner - ATO

Post by Woody8297 »


Not to be excessively rude but "awe" is not what I feel when a publisher tells me I can only post a gamebox that only his customers can use. When he defines ZunTzu as a niche market within a niche market my feelings turn to amazement. Not amazement over his acumen but amazement that he doesn't come to the next logical step...there are electronic platform players who will never buy his paper games. There are probably non-paper-buyers on all the "E platform" mini-niches.

How can he miss that?

As a businessman, I would think he would want to tap into as much of the niches as he possibly could. As a hobbyist, I would think he would want to encourage as much interest and good will as possible.

But no. Instead, he wants gamebox and module makers to convert his games into stripped down abortions that only the paper buyers can utilize. Well how niche is that? Niche within a niche within a niche I guess. Oh yeah, I'm awed.


How about trying something else? How about letting complete games be posted and asking for a donation to support the publisher? Do that across all the E-platforms and you might actually grow a niche.

For what it's worth: 1) I will never waste my time making a crippled gamebox. Why? So the publisher can brag that it's available on Vassal and ZunTzu? and 2) I'm not going to buy a paper game...ever again. My lifestyle has changed and electronic play suits it better. Hey, I don't think I'm alone. Niche yes, alone no.

Truthfully, I'm tired of begging. It's up to the ZunTzu upload moderator (You know who you are.) or the publisher to try this out. There's nothing--absolutely nothing--to lose. Why ask for more discussion about this? Put it in practice already.


Re: Publisher Corner - ATO

Post by Chobham_1980 »

Hi ZT Folk!

During our standard web-review, we noted a change on ATO (?). They have a link to "sold-out" games! As a team, we are unsure if this older than 2-3 months, but this is of importance to all ZT Designers [ see - ] aka OOP.

Why is this important? ATO is an Active Publisher; and has requested we do not upload any active selling games with Charts/Rules etc. However, should you reach out the game designer/artist - it might be possible to save your ATO-OOP work for posterity (with Charts/Rules). But do inform us of any designer/artist intent. And drop a line on this thread of Designer/Artist decisions!

Of course, should you submit an ATO ZTB, we will check against ATO wishes . . . It's only fair :idea:

Submit your favorite ATO game to ZT - - and feel confident it is allowed :o :D :o :D

Regards, ZT Upload Team
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