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Publisher Corner - GMT

Post by Chobham_1980 »

Hi ZT Folk! GMT is a huge company in our hobby. I am impressed with their response! Not very personal but actively engaged with ZT issues!

Some months ago, the ZT Upload Team attempted to contact GMT concerning their current 2022 e-platform policy. Unfortunately, we could not come-up with such a direct policy. Still, since these contacts, we noticed these changes on their web-site:

What we can say, is that in the past they seemed OK with ZTBs being published on their website [ see: ] . Please review this Web-Page. It still seems they are welcoming ZTB designs!

Because of GMTs newest efforts, all ZT designers have an ability to add new ZTBs to their site - - use-it or lose it! Please submit any GMT design to ZT AND GMT!

The ZT Upload Team will continue to report on our findings of Publisher intent. We expect GMT will continue to review our site for offending ZTBs. But we also expect more ZTB designs from this imminent Publisher! Never fear to submit a ZTB GMT design - - we are here to help our hobby . . .

Regards, ZT Upload Team

PS We are pending more contacts to GMT. We will continue to report on the wishes of this major company. Should you have any reports, please inform on this forum . . .

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Re: Publisher Corner - GMT

Post by Chobham_1980 »

Hi ZT Folk:

More detailed information concerning GMT games :idea:

GMT allows for e-platform designs: This means that you can design (as you wish) and submit ZTB designs to be hosted on ZT site 8)

See GMT FAQ: - - see the bottom of page for official GMT regulation :shock: 8)

Short regulation: any ZTB can be made and played if " . . . at least one of the players (must) own a copy of the game upon which that module or files are based . . ."

I believe that is fair :D :) :D :) So act accordingly :!:

Note (11/11/2022): ZT Upload Team will retroactively place such a statement in all our GMT designs! "At least one player must own a physical copy of game - to download and play!" Completed on 11/11/2022. All GMT designs hosted on ZT have this disclaimer!
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Re: Publisher Corner - GMT

Post by Chobham_1980A »

Hi ZT Folk!

We have added GMT's main request: all ZTBs lines include a statement: "At least one of the players (must) own a copy of the game upon which that module or files are based. "

Folk: Please understand that all GMT ZTBs includes this statement. As of 2/17/2023: all of our GMT ZTBs include this statement. Should you notice any errors - please let us know!

We are here - can you help in reviewing?
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