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Introduction - Reasons for ZT choice

Posted: 15 Nov 2022, 18:59
by PetersonR
Hi, my name is R. Peterson.

I have been following this site since 2015. And have been impressed. Because, ZT seems to support their work till today (late-2022) and into the future :idea: :!: :idea: :!: v :?: :?: :?:

In 2013-14, I was interested in saving older war-games from my youth and began a search for such an e-platform; like Cyber-Board, Vassal or ZunZtu. I decided on ZT because it was easy & quick to produce an electronic game; when compared to the other two e-platforms.

After that, I tried to convert a simple game, with a single Map and single sheet of counters! Thus, "Creature that Ate Sheboygan" was made (in 2015). But my real goal was to save larger games like GDW/GRD Europa series games.

My first attempt was in 2015 with GRD's "A Winter War." I learned much about scanning and quickly understood that ZT allows for counter unit ID's; something CB & Vassal modules did not always do . . . This sold me on ZT. It is possible to save an accurate representation of any game!

No other e-platform system can do this easily, see: Cyber-Board, JET, Tabeltopia, Table-Top-Simulator, Vassal or others. Mainly because of ZT's ability to deal with full counter-sheets! Of course, the negative is, it is best to have an un-punched counter-sheet!

My name is R. Peterson: I will be producing 1+ ZTBs per month for the foreseeable future - why? - because I believe in ZT's ability to achieve this goal!

I will produce ZTBs to save our heritage - can you?