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Publisher Corner - DwarfStar Games

Posted: 11 Nov 2022, 20:15
by Chobham_1980
Hi ZT Folk!

Here is an older (defunct) Publisher which allows for full featured ZTB Design!

As such, many of their Titles are on Vassal. Please feel free to design a ZTB at your will . . .

Currently we have their older design "Dragon Rage" on our ZT2 Files: - see "Dragon Rage." This Title has been modernized from "" Take a look!

We will accept any ZTB design you submit from this website - - - Regards, ZT Upload Team

EDIT: added "from this website" from last sentence . . .

Re: Publisher Corner - DwarfStar Games

Posted: 08 Apr 2023, 20:17
by PetersonR
Hi Guys!

I have also uploaded "Barbarian Prince PLUS" to ZT2. However, in the next few months I will also add another ZTB of the same game :shock:

I have spoken with the artist, and he wishes such a ZTB :D