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Publisher Corner - DwarfStar Games

Post by Chobham_1980 »

Hi ZT Folk!

Here is an older (defunct) Publisher which allows for full featured ZTB Design!

As such, many of their Titles are on Vassal. Please feel free to design a ZTB at your will . . .

Currently we have their older design "Dragon Rage" on our ZT2 Files: - see "Dragon Rage." This Title has been modernized from "" Take a look!

We will accept any ZTB design you submit from this website - - - Regards, ZT Upload Team

EDIT: added "from this website" from last sentence . . .
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Re: Publisher Corner - DwarfStar Games

Post by PetersonR »

Hi Guys!

I have also uploaded "Barbarian Prince PLUS" to ZT2. However, in the next few months I will also add another ZTB of the same game :shock:

I have spoken with the artist, and he wishes such a ZTB :D
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