ZunTsu has encountered a problem and needs to close

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ZunTsu has encountered a problem and needs to close

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I have Windows Vista on my Notebook. Before install ZunTsu i update Net Framework from 2.5 to 4.5. I have direct 9.0c. Install it normal.

But when I try Run ZunTsu I have problem.
I send report:
os Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2
framework 2.0.50727.4234
cpu count 2
System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Sekcja konfiguracji 'connectionStrings' ma nieoczekiwaną deklarację.
w System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.get_ConnectionStrings()
w System.Configuration.PrivilegedConfigurationManager.get_ConnectionStrings()
w System.Configuration.LocalFileSettingsProvider.GetPropertyValues(SettingsContext context, SettingsPropertyCollection properties)
w System.Configuration.SettingsBase.GetPropertiesFromProvider(SettingsProvider provider)
w System.Configuration.SettingsBase.GetPropertyValueByName(String propertyName)
w System.Configuration.SettingsBase.get_Item(String propertyName)
w System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.GetPropertyValue(String propertyName)
w System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.get_Item(String propertyName)
w ZunTzu.Properties.Settings.f()
w ZunTzu.b.b(String[] A_0)

How may I fix it ??
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