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ZunTzu is a tool that allows you to play boardgames and wargames live with your friends over the Internet. See the FAQ for more info.

Download ZunTzu from the files section.


  • Real time play over the Internet.
  • Built-in voice communication.
  • Built-in videoconferencing for webcam owners.
  • Intuitive user interface close to the game table experience.
  • High quality DirectX graphics and animations.
  • Animated 3D dice.
  • Intuitive management of counter stacks and card decks.
  • Simplified creation of your own game boxes by importing graphics files for your maps and counters.
  • Multilingual user interface: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

Updates Suscribe

22nd of April 2011

Keep up with the latest game conversions for ZunTzu by subscribing to this new web feed.

24th of December 2010

The ZunTzu community has contributed conversions for over two hundred games.

15th of December 2008

ZunTzu is now available in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Select a language in the Player settings dialog box.

1st of November 2008

The ZunTzu community has contributed conversions for over a hundred games.

14th of January 2008

ZunTzu 1.2 is out, offering terrains tiles, overlays and geomorphic maps, private off-map displays, enhanced experience, through features such as a space bar shortcut to easily bring counters and cards into your hand, support for more languages (Italian and Portuguese), sound effects, better error diagnostics for game box authors.

7th of September 2007

Launch of two collaborative projects: a collaborative game box database and a translation project.

22th of August 2007

Enhanced handling of playing cards. Option to turn stacking off.

8th of July 2007

ZunTzu 1.1 is out, offering videoconferencing, playing cards, support for all dice types, better handling of routers.

25th of March 2007

The beta test of ZunTzu has ended. The current version of ZunTzu is 1.0 Final.

21st of March 2007

The new private hand function in ZunTzu makes hidden placement possible. It can also be used as a marker tray. See the "Get started with ZunTzu" article in the support section.

22nd of January 2007

There is a new article giving scanning tips in the support section.

30th of December 2006

Iéna 1806 (VaeVictis #71) available for download in the files section.

14th of November 2006

Beta 2 released. New "selection-less" more intuitive mouse interface.

30th of July 2006

The message board was added to the ZunTzu site.

13th of June 2006

Beta test launched.